The color in the shadows

It’s cold and rainy this week in Seattle and I am housebound today with a wrenched back. Perhaps I was overconfident in my yoga classes last week. The extra backbends seemed like a good idea at the time.

However, I want to put a new header image on the blog so I went back to the well of my garden photos from last May and drew/painted a a series of small calla sketches, about 1.5 inches each, to get the right proportions for the wide, narrow header.


I’m happy so see that I’m loosening up with the watercolor pencils and paints. The small scale of these sketches also forced me to simplify. Applying what I learned today I will make a larger version of each little sketch later this week as I continue to explore these fascinatingly-shaped flowers.

Though these callas are white, they reveal so many other colors in their folds and shadows.

Years ago, I first saw color in shadows in Santa Fe, where the elevation and brilliant sunlight created the most amazing shadows in the corners of adobe walls and buildings.  I had never seen this where I’d grown up, in Ohio.

Have you been to other places where you’ve seen this phenomenon of color in shadow?

I see it also in snow. The shadows are never just gray. There are so many colors in the icy crystals as the sun changes throughout the day.

Now, about that pale pastel header:

When I uploaded the image to customize the header, it appears with the colors washed out. Hmmm. I always assume ‘operator error’ when something does not work, but thanks to WP’s crack support team, I learned that presenting the header image at 20% of the original saturation is a feature of the template I’ve recently chosen.

So I can either accept this or change to a new template. Sigh.

I shall leave it for now. Time to stretch out my back again in hopes of feeling better tomorrow. I will look for another theme that can show the header image in full color.



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